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The first edition of­ COD United/AFC Bourn­emouth CST Summer Soccer ­Camp ended on Saturday, 9th of ­July, 2016 after five­ days of Premier Leag­ue standard drills and training ­sessions led by two c­oaches from English P­remier
League side AFC Bour­nemouth, Coach Russel­l Beardsmore, a forme­r Manchester United star player a­nd Coach David Pudney­ who were joined by C­.O.D United’s specialist ­youth coaches.


The Grand Finale whi­ch had 8 demonstratio­n sessions kicked off­ at about 9am with the first s­ession for kids bet­ween the ages of 3-5 ­years with the AFC Bournemouth ­CST coaches in charge of ­the sessions. There were 8 session­s in total featuring ­participants in vario­us age groups; 3-5 years, 8­-10 years, 10-12 year­s and 11-13 years and­ the sessions were rounde­d off with an All-sta­r game between the CO­D United and Bournemouth, picked ­by their coaches.

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Gifts and awards pre­sentation followed im­mediately with the ­CEO of C.O.D United, Shola Opaley­e commending the kids­ and congratulating t­he parents. He also said the cam­p will be the first i­n the series of many ­exciting activities that have­ been planned as C.O.­D United and Bournemo­uth CST deepen their partnership.­ Four exceptional par­ticipants were awarde­d  scholarships into­ the C.O.D United Football Acad­emy while every parti­cipant went home with­ a certificate of parti­cipation.

Awards of commendati­on were also given to­ Coach Russell Beards­more and David Pudney, the tw­o coaches from AFC Bo­urnemouth CST.

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C.O.D United Football Club of Lagos and the Community Sports Trust of English Premier League campaigners AFC Bournemouth have agreed a partnership. The partnership will commence with local and foreign soccer camps for young and aspiring footballers.

Speaking on the partnership, CEO of C.O.D United Shola Opaleye said he is very excited about the partnership and the many possibilities it presents to both clubs. We are very excited about starting a partnership with yet another team in the biggest league in the world, the English Premier League. We are particularly excited to be working with AFC Bournemouths Community Sports Trust, the community department at a club we share the same values with and which has a similar story to ours. We started our journey in the lowest cadre in Nigerian football and in 6 years, we were within a few games of joining the Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL)


A few years ago, AFC Bournemouth were also playing in the lower rungs and within a few years, they have made it to the English Premier League. It is an attestation to the spirit and determination of both clubs. We have both achieved a lot in a short while because we have both been undaunted by challenges and focused on moving forward against all odds. With this partnership, we want to work together to develop young players and coaches through training and camps in Nigeria and England. After working with Bolton Wanderers when they were in the Premier League, we are happy to be working with another team in the Premier League. We are quite pleased that these clubs who are run in accordance with the best global practices are happy to work with our club.

It shows we are doing something right. We are also very excited about the opportunities and the exposure this partnership provides for young Nigerian boys to make their dreams come true. In all, it is a partnership we are very excited and proud of as a club and we look forward to an exciting future.

The first activities leveraging the partnership are soccer camps for young and aspiring footballers in Lagos and England in July and August respectively. The Lagos camp will hold at the City Turf grounds of C.O.D United led by coaches from AFC Bournemouth CST while the UK camp will be an intensive 9-day camp held in England which will also feature test matches against English teams.

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The Summer Soccer Camp in partnership with Bolton Wanderers FC of England which commenced on Sunday, July 19th came to a stirring end on Saturday, 25th July.
Coaches from the two football clubs led by Daniel Clarke and Tony Kelly delivered series of training sessions all through the week for over 50 participants and concluded with a Grand-finale at the City of David 5-Aside Facility, the CityTurf.

The Summer Camp began with an Induction session for parents who had registered their wards, enlightening them on what their wards would gain from participating.
A major aim for establishing the camp is to teach the basics for overall development is built from a young formative age.

During the course of the week, participants were drilled on improving their fundamentals through modern football techniques and spanning all aspects of the game such as ball control, passing, creation of space, acceleration, deceleration, dribbling, skills and shooting.
In addition to on-field training sessions they were taught some life skills with emphasis on the need for Education, Motivation, Leadership, Team-work, and Discipline that also help to make a successful professional footballer. For the first time, a swimming session was introduced to teach the need to cool their bodies down as part of proper recovery like professional footballers do.

awards-winners 2015
This Summer Camp would leave a lasting memory on the participants as they got to make new friends and socialized with each other, developed an understanding on the field, learnt how to improve their teams and themselves by sharing and through positive criticism.
The final day of our Soccer Camp was a full house of parents and other interested parties who were on hand to watch the participants as they played several matches to display their skills freshly acquired and development.  Most were left awe-struck at the children’s improvement and display.

At the end of the day, medals and certificates were awarded to every participant and coaches.

Special awards were also handed out to deserving participants:
Junior Boys:
Highest Goal Scorer
Adebiyi Timi
Most Valuable Player (MVP)
Mitchell Michael
Senior Boys:
Highest Goal Scorer  
Itemuagbor Martins
Most Valuable Player (MVP)   
Abayomi Quadri

This still wasn’t the end of the honors as the Bolton Coaches selected five of the participants who would be given the opportunity to join the Bolton Football Academy in July next year.

The winners
Mitchell Michael 
 Agomonso Bobby 
Onimisi Sule
Sanusi Abayomi
Sanusi Quadri
2015 winner to bolton


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